Projected Image Competitions

Workers without access to a computer

Images will be accepted on a CD provided by a Photo Lab or on the memory card used in the camera. Even images taken on a mobile phone could be submitted. Please make it very clear which images are to be used. The images will be resized to the projection requirements – no other modification of the images will be made.

Here is a video on how to set up a preset for export within Lightroom.

Workers with a computer

The preferred method if for you to use Image Prepare (Windows only) which is a free download from this site (member login required). Image Prepare does everything for you, run it, insert your SCC pen drive and add your images. Simple!

If you would like to do this yourself, here is how.

  1. Images should be in the sRGB colour space. Crop & manipulate the image to your artistic satisfaction.
  2. If you use Photoshop – install Martin’s Actions, run the appropriate one & the work in paras 3 & 4 below is done automatically.
  3. If you do not use the Actions then use Photoshop/Elements etc. and Image/Image size to set one dimension. If your image is in landscape format set the width to 1400 pixels, if in portrait format set the height to 1050 pixels, set only one dimension this way.
    Image Size Dialog
  4. If necessary use Image/mode to change from 16 to 8 bit. At this stage sharpen to taste.

  5. Save the image as a JPG file.
  6. Add Author’s name & Image Title. The preferred way is by using Photoshop, Elements etc., via File/File info. Short titles look better than long when projected or printed in score sheets etc.
  7. File Names (the things that end in .jpg). Please rename your files as follows: – Code number-Competition number-image number. For example, my 2 entries (my Code 55) for the 3rd comp of the season would be named 55-3-1.jpg and 55-3-2.jpg. Please note no spaces and that separators are hyphens not underscores. It does not matter which image you call 1 and 2 as all the entries are randomised before projection. This naming convention greatly simplifies the handling of our large number of PI competition entries. Photoshop File Info
  9. Save to your computer and then upload to the club website.

Check List

Download and print the Projected Image Competition checklist and tick the boxes as you go, here is a summary of what you need to have done.

  1. Set dimensions using Photoshop and Actions or Photoshop/Elements etc.
  2. Add Author name and Image title. Brief titles please.
  3. Save as a jpg.
  4. Change the File name according to para 8 above.
  5. Upload to the club website. Make sure you keep a backup copy on your computer!


You can automate part of the above process using these Photoshop actions and/or the Photoshop Lightroom export template.

  • If you aren't using the actions then download and print the Projected Image Competition checklist. Tick the boxes as you go so you don't forget anything.
  • Lightroom export template – this will export selected images at the correct resolution. Put this file in the Lightroom explort templates folder which can be found by opening the export dialog, right click on 'User Presets' and choose import, find the downloaded lrtemplate file and choose it.
  • Photoshop actions for landscape and portrait images. Download the file and open it, Photoshop will start up and the actions will be loaded. On the Window menu make sure that Actions is ticked, if it isn't then click on it in the menu. Find the Actions panel, you should now have a 'PI Portrait' and 'PI Landscape' action in a 'Club Competition Actions' group.