Storrington Camera Club

Storrington Camera Club meets on alternate Thursdays from September through to May at The Football Pavilion, Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, Spierbridge Road, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4PG at 7:30pm. All are welcome, most of our members are from Storrington, Pulborough, West Chiltington, Washington or Ashington.

Our Activities

Our programme covers various aspects of picture taking, presentations of high quality images, competitions and workshops. Our members are interested in making prints and projected images using digital technology and film.

My last as joint Chairman

Meeting Report

Annual General Meeting 2017-2018.

The meeting was not well attended sadly there being only 16 bodies present.

The first item on the agenda where apologies for absence from David Seddon, Daisy Kane, Martin Tomes, liz Barber, Alex Swyer, and Peter Picthall

I then started the meeting with my last job as joint Chairman - the presentation of the Cups which were won as follows:

The Rowling Cup, which was a new cup awarded this year for the first time to the member joining in the last two years who has contributed the most value to the club as decided by the Committee, and this was awarded to Kevin Harwood, who has done very well in our competitions with his brilliant wildlife images and has represented the club therewith as well as taking on the role of Publicity for the club with outstanding results.

The Picthall Cup was another new award decided by the Committee for the person making a valuable contribution to the club both photographically and in other ways, and this was deservedly won by Audrey Grey. Well deserved Audrey for your reporting on the competitions and also for your humour!?

The Petworth Cup for the best PI of the year went to Liz Barber.

The Emmet Challenge Cup for the best print of the Year also went to Liz Barber - what a fantastic result for Liz winning both those two.

Snakes and Ladders

Meeting Report

Dahlia by Liz Barber“Best of Year” is always an evening of reckoning for our images and never more so than this time when the judge was an unknown quantity to all in the club. Don’t get me wrong – we are all very grateful to Ian Brash for stepping in at the eleventh hour due to Trevor Gellard’s ill health but Forest Gump and chocolates come to mind – “you never know what you’re gonna get”.

We needn’t have worried – what we did get was one of the most erudite, expert and detailed critiques of our images that I have seen in recent years. Ian’s expectations of images were very high and he didn’t spare the photographer’s discomfort when these weren’t met. But it was always constructive and helpful. Even though my own marks were disappointing, I didn’t, as sometimes happens, come home vowing to sell my camera immediately and take up crochet.

And as Ian said several times “we all see images in different ways” which is why we have the disparity in marks between different judges for the same image. And this disparity was very marked this year – snakes and ladders.

The Sea and the Stars

Meeting Report

Guest Speaker

Before tonight's talk, we had told other clubs about our speaker, Rob White, and as result we had a room full, including 10 visitors.

Rob was introduced to us by Chris West who used to work for a company in Horsham, and Rob started there as a boy straight from school. Chris left the company, and they lost touch with each other but eventually got reunited through Facebook. (Not all bad then?)

The first half of the evening was devoted to underwater photography, and Rob told us that he first became interested in diving in 1997 and enjoyed it very much and then decided that he would start underwater photography to enhance the experience.

Open Print and PI Competition #5

Meeting Report

5th Competition

Elephant Abstract - David SeddonPaul Hayward opened by whetting our appetites for the events of the evening which would see the final results for our competitions of the year. Paul then welcome Malcolm Bull judge for the evening and thanked him for this return visit and for stepping in for Ken Boddy. 24 prints were shown, with wide ranging subjects, pleasing Malcolm for quality and presentation.  He held four back, which increased the anticipation.

Three very different pictures received 18, Daisy Kane for “Sunset over Littlehampton”, which showed lovely tones with the use of panning, Liz Barber’s “The final curtsy”, an abstract ballerina like flower, which was very nicely presented, and lastly “What ever” by Sarah Beard, an orange tinted abstract, a cause for much discussion and speculation about the subject and deliberate camera movement. Well done to you all and to the committee for organising events and a programme, that stretches our skills and ideas.

Eastbourne CC through the years.

Meeting Report

I went to tonight's meeting expecting a talk about Eastbourne town and wondering what could possibly be of interest there. I soon found out.

The answer came when our speaker, John Staples, the President of Eastbourne Camera Club, put the title of his talk on the screen; we were going to see a selection of work from the permanent Collection of the club’s pictures collected by the speaker from various sources over a very long span of time.

In the end he had collected together some 600 pictures starting with a picture of a club outing dated 1893, which is the earliest record he found. Of course the club may have started even before that date, but whatever the truth it must be the case that Eastbourne Camera Club is amongst the oldest established in England.

In 1895, a large exhibition was held in Eastbourne (probably the largest outside London) and we saw pictures of the event showing a huge Number of prints on display.

A Good Result

Meeting Report

Crouch Shield 2018

Into the Abyss by Liz BarberAnne Nagle kindly picked me up in her car and we arrived at the Tangmere Centre Hall in good time. We went inside and were immediately told by a very nice Lady that we would not be charged entry fee, but would we please buy some raffle tickets instead. Inside the hall we found another cheerful lady selling raffle tickets with a big smile on her face. It transpired that they must have sold of good number of tickets as the Hall was pretty full, so Chichester camera club who were running the event must have done quite well we hope.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by the President of the club John Bradshaw who wore a shirt to die for! The chairman of the club was AWOL and the President had to use a half full glass of water attacked with a spoon to catch our attention; (If CCC do not have a gavel, they will now be able to buy one with the proceeds from the raffle).

Landscape Photography – whatever the weather

Meeting Report

Tony WorobiecTony Worobiec made a very welcome return to Storrington CC to encourage us with the notion “Landscape Photography – whatever the weather”. How appropriate as I sit in the warm writing this watching the rain lashing down outside – but it is a bank holiday after all.

Why do we practise and enjoy landscape photography? For me the best images, be they photographs or paintings, invoke a sense of place even though there may be no precisely identifiable locations in the image. We should aim to transport our viewers to that place even though they have not been there. Much of Tony’s photography is of the North American landscape, and whilst I’ve yet to get my kicks on Route 66 I feel I already know it from pictures in a book of his. And that is the art of it.

So landscape and weather – is all weather good for photography? – is there ever any justification in settling down for an afternoon with Lightroom rather than getting out amongst it? Well I defy anyone to get much immediate pleasure from being out with the camera today but choose the right subject and the opportunities are always there. And you can be pleasantly surprised when pictures are downloaded.

4th Competition

Meeting Report

A Fit of the Giggles by David SeddonThis eagerly awaited competition was postponed from 1st March due to snow.

It was good to welcome back Carole Speight ARPS APAGB, a member of Chichester Camera Club, and local resident in Billingshurst with an interest in landscape photography in various forms, both at home and abroad.

Twenty six high standard prints were presented and of these a third were held back.  Carole commenting that she had given herself a hard job for the final marking.  This certainly proved to be true. Carole commented on the high degree of patience shown when photographing nature with all its nuances. Anne Nagle’s “Pygmy Cormorant” and Derek Grieve’s “Red shank probing” both attracted 18 and positive comments about sharpness and activity by the bird, “something different”. Daisy Kane’s “Silky waterfall” another 18 pleased the judge with placement of the rock and the choice of slow shutter speed. Sarah Beard chose “Icon’s of London”, gained 18 for something different and the inclusion of the “iconic red bus on the bridge”, well seen Sarah.

Whistlestop tour

Meeting Report

OwlsOriginally an underwater videographer, Peter found the 100kg excess baggage charges with his equipment difficult, so changed to photography “topside”. He travels the globe searching for that one image in his head. We were taken on a whistle-stop tour from sharks in a tightly packed defensive sardine bait ball, to crocodiles in the Okavango delta, through farmed wild species such as wolf and bobcat in America, to the Arctic for bears and the salmon run, then back home to Pete’s Hampshire Hide Hire business. Two of his resident owls, Wiggy the barn owl and Oakley the tawny came along as well, much to the delight of several members, myself included.

His enthusiasm for the animals and photography was infectious. While going to great lengths to get the shot, he was also very aware of the animal’s welfare. He described how not to kill your subject by spooking it and making it vulnerable to predators, equally how to behave when you were close enough to bears to smell them! He would spend hours lying down or up to his waist in freezing water, moving and retreating slowly.

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